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A Vermont Gravel Ride
Farm Tour & Barn Dinner

Experience the beauty of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom as you bike the quiet back roads and visit area farms. You’ll meet Zach, who raises pigs, sheep and chickens; Heidi and Evan who grow glorious greens — and many other crops — atop a windswept hillside; Elizabeth and Peter, who have an incredibly diversified mix of offerings, including wool, hay, vegetables, cider, sweet corn and homemade preserves; and Eric and Mary, who specialize in a wide array of vegetables plus plump, sweet strawberries, grown on the banks of a winding brook. The ride is meant to celebrate the farmers and their products, learn a bit about sustainable food production, and enjoy some of the best back road cycling the planet has to offer.  If you haven’t ridden gravel in Vermont before, this will be a beautiful introduction.  Though the pace will be reasonable, expect a significant amount of climbing and minimal pavement.  The ride will be guided, and we’ll be equipped for minor repairs, adjustments, etc. both before and during the ride. 


At the end of the day, join your fellow riders and guides — as well as all of the farmers you met throughout the day — for a seasonal, five-course dinner in a rustic barn. The meal will feature food from all of the farms you visited, and will be prepared by a local chef (who is also a farmer herself). 

  • Offered DailyDuration Varies
    60 US dollars
  • Offered Daily9 hr
    100 US dollars
  • Offered Daily2 hr
    40 US dollars
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